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Welcome to
Diana's Stationery
I am Diana Bender, and I want to thank you for dropping by. I hope you find something to your liking. My site is a family friendly and child safe place where you will find only wholesome offerings.
All of my stationery creations are
FREE for your use, as long as it is not for profit. These stationeries can be used with OUTLOOK EXPRESS, MICROSOFT OUTLOOK, INCREDIMAIL, and as web page backgrounds.

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Come back and check for new designs which will be added from time to time. Newest stationeries are posted at the top of the highest numbered page in each of the categories.
If you have any comments, questions, or problems, I would be happy to hear from you by email. If you need help using my stationery, please read the detailed Instructions before writing to me. When you write, please be specific about what problems you are having.


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Some of the stationeries are based on original images which I have created. Some of the stationeries are based on images which I have acquired from a variety of sources. To my knowledge I have used only images which are public domain and free of copyright, or for which I have permission by the originator of the image.

If you find any broken or non-working links, please let me know and I will correct them.
And PLEASE... if you find any specific stationery that does not work properly for you - send me the name and I will make corrections if necessary.

These are simple stationery scripts and easy for anyone to use. No need for any special tweaking. The thumbprints can be left-clicked to see a
full-sized version of the graphic.

You now have three choices for downloading: A zip file (for which you will need Winzip ); an executable file, which will automatically place the stationery in your OE stationery folder; an EML file which can automatically open in your default email software program. All format downloads contain the required html code file and the jpeg graphic(s) for the stationery.

This site's pages are graphics heavy because I use large thumbnails for better viewing. The first time you visit a page it will load rather slowly. Please be patient. I compressed the thumbnail jpgs as much as I could but still maintain fair quality colors and clarity. However, the jpgs which you download with the actual stationery will not be severely compressed and will be of highest quality.
I have mostly non-scrolling stationery, and some scrolling stationery. Since many people prefer not to have midis, or wish to choose their own midis, I do not include them. I have midi collections in zip files in several categories at my Bender Place site. Click here for midis. If you want to know how to add them to your emails, click below.


Major Categories, Themes, Motifs, and Backgrounds Available:

Air Force, American Flag, Angel, Animal, Army, Autumn, Baby, BibleBird, Birdhouses, Birth, Birthday, Bluebirds, Bluebonnets, Bunnies, Butterfly, Cardinals, Cat, Chanukah, Christian, Christmas, Coast Guard, Condolence, Cowboy, Cows, Coyotes, Deer, Dogs, Ducks, Eagles, Easter, Events, Flowers, Fourth of July, Friendship, Frogs, Get Well, Graduation, Greetings, Hanukah, Hearts, Holidays, Horses, Hummingbirds, Iris, Jewish New Year, Judaic, Kittens, Marines, Marriage, Messianic, Military, Miscellaneous, Memorial Day, National Guard, Navy,  Occasions, Pansies, Passover, Patriotic, Pigs, Puppies, Praying for You, Rabbits, Religious, Roosters, Roses, Rosh HaShanah, Seasonal, Sentiments, Scenic, Shamrocks, Special Events,  St. Patrick's  Day,  Star of David, Sunflowers, Sympathy, Thanksgiving, Thank You, Thinking of You, Tulips, Valentine's Day, WatermarkWedding Anniversary, Western, Windmills, Wolves 
There are some Country style themes in most of the categories.



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I hope you will also drop by our personal domain,
Bender Place
and visit. You will find a variety of sites there including a page with original graphic fonts, screen savers, sig/tag blanks, animated smilies, patriotic graphics, and other goodies which I have created. I have midi zips there too.

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I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Pat Walker who encouraged me and helped me, and who originally hosted my stationery on her own site.

All of my stationery is dedicated to the memory of Jim Garlington, whose friendship, help, and encouragement, were so instrumental in my development as a stationery creator.
Thank you my "three-legged coyote" friend.


I give all glory to God, who gives freely to me, that I may give to others.

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Stationery on my pages is created mainly with
 Jasc Paint Shop Pro.

God Bless America


See my September 11, 2001 Memorial pages at http://www.benderplace.com/god_bless_america.htm 

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Remember the Blood of Heroes
A must-see web site. 


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