Limited Time Special Offer For 2008

I am so enthusiastic about the new software program, Mokum Mail, that I want to offer a small incentive to anyone who might be procrastinating about upgrading to the full, registered version.

My offer is this:

I will make a personalized stationery for the first 20 people who contact me with proof of their registered version v6.0 of
Mokum Mail, purchased between
January 1, 2008 and March 31, 20008
. You can choose any one of the stationeries I have on my Diana's Stationery site, and I will add your name to it.

The proof I require is a screen capture of the Title Bar on the opening window of Mokum Mail, where it shows that you have a registered version. Please be sure and crop the picture as small as you can and send it in either gif or jpg format.

There is a shareware program called IrfanView which comes packaged with Mokum Mail. IrfanView is a dandy graphics handling program and is also capable of making and cropping screen captures. You will find it in Explorer by going to the "MM_system" folder which is inside the "MM data" folder. You can also easily access Ifran View when using Mokum Mail by hitting the F10 key.

Disclaimer: Joop Blokker, the author and sole owner of Mokum Mail, kindly gave his permission for me to make this offer, but he is in no way responsible for the results. Therefore, if you should have any complaint regarding the fulfillment of my obligations on this matter - please contact me, and only me. :-)

Notice: I do not have any financial ties of any kind to Mokum Mail and my only recompense in promoting it is the satisfaction of sharing information on what I believe to be a very helpful and fun software. This is why I have volunteered my time to make this gesture and add a small inducement for you to go ahead and obtain the registered version - which is packed with so many wonderful and easy to use features. I do it because I know that if you knew what I know about
Mokum Mail, you would not need any inducement at all. :-)

Be sure and include:
1.) The name of the stationery you want personalized
2.) The name you want on the stationery
3.) The screen shot of the Title bar of Mokum Mail

All submissions must be dated no later than June 30, 2008.


To learn more about Mokum Mail, click on my Links page.