Special Instructions for Incredimail Users

First let me say that if you use Incredimail because you feel like it is easy to do fun things and to make your own letters, then I would like to encourage you to take a look at Mokum Mail. MM (Mokum Mail) does a whole lot more than IM and the registered version is less expensive than the registered version of IM. Plus, MM does not have all the limitations that IM has. Click here to read more about MM and for the link to downloading the free version.


There are two ways to use my stationery with Incredimail.

The first way is with the EML format files. This can be used by anyone using IM. The drawback is that, since there is no way to set the margins in individual emails in IM, the text will cover over any pictures on the left side of the graphic. See detailed instructions below.

The second (and better) way can be used by IM users who have bought the Letter Creator software. Those who want to use this method need to download the ZIP format files from my stationery site. This method will allow you to set margins and the text will not cover over the left pictures. See detailed instructions below.

NOTE: Scrolling stationeries will work but they may show error messages and/or red x in the recipients email. Non-scrolling stationeries work best for this purpose.


How to download and use EML files in Incredimail:

This method can be used with the free Incredimail program.
Note: This method does not work like the regular IM method, and it does not put a file into your IM folders.

First set up a place on your hard drive where you will keep your EML files. Make a folder for this purpose either directly on your hard drive (usually "C") or right on your Desktop. Name the folder whatever you like.

Then to download an EML file, RIGHT CLICK on the EML under the appropriate stationery and choose "Save Target As". In the "Save In" window, browse to the folder you have set up for that purpose and then click on "Save".

SPECIAL NOTE: IMPORTANT! You MUST associate EML files with Incredimail. To do this, open Incredimail and click on "Tools", "Options", and then on the "Advanced" tab. Be sure and check the box that says "Associate EML files with Incredimail".

Note: That following instructions must be followed each time you want to send an email using this stationery. To use an EML file, simply open up the folder where you have saved your EML files, and find the name of the stationery you want to use. Then double click on the stationery you wish to use.

PLEASE NOTE! You will need to hit the "Forward" button once you have opened an EML email in order to use. After hitting forward, then put in the email address of the person to whom you are sending it. The graphic will work just fine, and the color of the font will also be retained. However, the default font type will change from Monotype Corsiva to Ariel. If you want a different font, just highlight your text and change it the way you usually do. Regretfully, the text will cover over the left picture. This is a disadvantage due to the way IM software is written.


How to download and use ZIP files in Incredimail:

You need Letter Creator to use this method.

NOTE: Please use the jpg graphic which can be downloaded in the ZIP file. Do not use the jpgs which are visible as samples on the site itself; they are severely compressed and of inferior quality for using. This is the one thing for which I do not grant permission.

First set up a place on your hard drive where you will keep your ZIP files. Make a folder for this purpose either directly on your hard drive (usually "C") or right on your Desktop. Name the folder whatever you like.

To download, LEFT click on the ZIP file and when asked, choose "Save" and browse to the folder you have set up to keep the ZIP files in.

After downloading, you will need to go to the folder and unzip the file using a decompression program like "Winzip".

If you do not have Winzip, you can download a trial version at

Once you have unzipped the ZIP file, you can ignore the HTML file which you will not need. The jpg file is the one you will use in creating your letter in IM.

Open up Letter Creator. In the Body tab, choose Image and browse to where you have put the jpg you want to use. Be sure and click on the Tile button as well.

You can either guess and experiment to set the left margin so that the text does not cover the left picture, or you can open the HTML file which came with the jpg in the zip file. When you double click on the html file, it will open in your browser. Click on "View" and then "Source" and look for the left margin amount and set the same amount in the Body tab in Letter Creator.

Choose the font and the color and size that you want. All the rest of the tabs except Footer and Finish should be Clear.

On the Footer tab, I would appreciate a text link of http://www.threebac.com/dianasstationery 
This is not mandatory though.

On the Finish tab, name your letter to match the name on the downloaded zip file. If you like, in the credits section you can put Diana's Stationery and http://www.threebac.com/dianasstationery

To save, click on "Add to Incredimail". You will find it in the "My Collection" section in your Style Box unless you choose to save it under another category.

If you are successful in using this method to convert my stationery graphics to use in Incredimail, I hope you will share your results with others who use Incredimail.


If you have any questions or problems, please email me.


Last Update 02/14/2005